Mission Statement

The Captain Jeremiah Brown Squadron is established with parallel goals and objectives of the Texas Navy Association and the desire to work with and through the Association whenever and wherever our mutual goals and objectives overlap. We seek to bring together in fellowship like-minded individuals interested in both preserving and promoting the history of the State of Texas, especially that of the Texas Navy, and provide social opportunities for the education, entertainment and enjoyment of those Admirals of the Texas Navy commissioned by the Governor of the State of Texas, their guests, and those other like-minded individuals, who wish to associate with compatible colleagues. The Squadron shall make every effort to coordinate and work in harmony with the Texas Navy Association, Chester W. Nimitz Squadron and other organizations with similar goals and interests. The membership of the Captain Jeremiah Brown Squadron is made up of individuals who have freely, without any obligation of any type what-so-ever to do so, banded together for the purposes enumerated above and thus do not recognize any other organization, other than the Governor of the State of Texas as the Commander in Chief of the Texas Navy, or his designated representative, as having any type of control or authority over the Squadron.

Upcoming Events